Our Vision

A modern workshop

The 3 steps towards increased productivity

Palletising and pre-setting throughout

  • Identical workpiece zero point on all machines and for all operations
  • Pre-setting/preparation in parallel to production time reduces unproductive downtimes


  • Enables unmanned production
  • Permits a 3-shift operation plus production at weekends, giving higher cost effectiveness

Production planning software plus identification

  • Data management of correction values and NC programs – consistently correct values for the right workpiece
  • Workpiece correction values can be automatically loaded from the gauging device onto the machine – no longer any need for manual data entry
  • Possible error sources will be minimized – meaning less rejects
  • The priorities for the sequence of operations can be amended at any stage
  • Workpiece identification permits chaotic loading of a handling device – more safety in the workplace

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